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Forefoot Pad™

Forefoot Pad™

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Introducing our Forefoot Pad Insole, crafted from high-quality materials for maximum comfort and functionality. This insole is designed to enhance the wearing experience for all types of shoes, providing excellent suction and perspiration absorption.

Product Information:

  • Material: Lycra + SEBS
  • Suitable for Shoe Type: All
  • Style: Front Pad
  • Insole Function: Suction / Perspiration Insole
  • Insole Color: Solid Color
  • Insole Category: Forefoot Pad

Experience enhanced comfort and support with our Forefoot Pad Insole, suitable for various shoe types. Order now and enjoy a superior insole designed for both practicality and style!

Size Information:

 SIZE【cm】 length   width thick  
 M  9.2  6.5  0.3
 L  9.8  7.2  0.3

Forefoot pad x1

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