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Lower Back Support Belt™

Lower Back Support Belt™

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  1. Lumbar Support:

    • Clinical-grade traction provides decompression therapy, lifting the upper body to relieve lower back pressure and relax muscles. Effective for pinched nerve relief.
  2. Back Pain Relief:

    • Traction reduces ligament burden, offering rest for damaged lumbar fibrous ring. Alleviates pain from degenerative discs, lumbar hyperglycemia, prolonged sitting, scoliosis, and more.
  3. Versatile Usage:

    • Enjoy relief during various activities—walking, sitting, lying down, gardening, golfing, working, driving, etc.


  • Product Category: Inflatable Waist Protector
  • Colors: Khaki, Blue, Black
  • Specifications: M, L
  • Product Name: Inflatable Waist Belt
  • Material: TPU+PU+Knitted Fabric
  • Product Size: 116*15.5cm

Size Information:

  • Size M: Belt length: 115CM (Without extension belt)
  • Size L: Extension belt length: 25CM
  • Width Before Air Injection: 14CM
  • Width After Air Injection: 20CM

Package Content:

  • Inflatable Waist Belt: 1
  • Instruction Manual: 1
  • Pump: 1

Experience relief on the go with the Inflatable Waist Belt—your portable solution for lumbar support and pain management.

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