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Brow Stamp™

Brow Stamp™

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Presenting our Retouching Shadow Stick – the epitome of mini convenience and natural color development.

1. Mini convenience, fine texture, and natural color development.
2. Soft mushroom head design ensures firm powder grasping, making it ideal for novices.
3. Quick powder access (inside the lid).

How to Use:
Rotate and open the lid, dip the mushroom head into the powder, and blend naturally along the hairline, nose bridge, and jawline. Alternatively, use an eyebrow card for precise eyebrow shaping.

- Color Options: Black, Black-Brown, Gray-Black, Eyebrow Card
- Weight: 1.8g
- Product Category: Hairline Modification
- Import: No
- Specifications: Normal

Package Content:
1 Retouching Shadow Stick

Note: Includes an eyebrow card set with 24 shapes for versatile styling.

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