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Mini Dinosaur Grabbing Machine™

Mini Dinosaur Grabbing Machine™

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Explore the thrilling world of our Simulation Grab Capsule Toys, designed to captivate and enhance various developmental skills. Here are the product details:

Product Details:

  • Features: Experience the excitement of catching dinosaurs with this engaging toy.
  • Toy Material: High-quality plastic for durability and safety.
  • Ability Training:
    • Emotion
    • Vision
    • Intellectual Development
    • Manual Brain
    • Grasping
    • Sensory
    • Hand-Eye Coordination
    • Other Ability Training
    • Interactive Toys
    • Hearing
    • Parent-Child Communication
    • Interest Training
  • Type: Simulation Grab
  • Product Category: Capsule Toys
  • 3C Configuration Category: Toys over 14 years old
  • Color Options: Dinosaur Machine [Red] Bag, Dinosaur Machine [Blue] Bag, Dinosaur Machine [Pink] Bag, Dinosaur Machine [Green] Bag

Package Contents:

  • Plastic Educational Toys X1: Delight in the excitement of this Simulation Grab Capsule Toy, designed to be both entertaining and educational.

Embark on a journey of skill development and joy with our Simulation Grab Capsule Toys. The package includes high-quality plastic educational toys, providing a delightful experience for individuals over 14 years old. Choose from various colors and enjoy the thrill of catching dinosaurs!

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