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Sunglass Headband™

Sunglass Headband™

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1. UNIQUE DESIGN - The Redesigned Headband That Fits like Sunglasses is uniquely square shaped providing VOLUME and STYLE without the Headache or Hair Damage for users with thick hair and wide heads.
2. FEET PLACEMENT: Original - feet curve around the ear. Relaxed Fit - the feet curve away from the ear. The legs are designed so our users can also wear glasses simultaneously without interference or compromise.
3. HIGH QUALITY: Our product is made from high-quality materials, consisting of a durable polycarbonate plastic frame.

Product Information:

Material: plastics
Style: Fashion OL
Applicable audience: unisex
Colors: beige (2pcs), silver (2pcs), green (2pcs), rose gold (2pcs), dark blue (2pcs), red (2pcs), gold (2pcs), purple (2pcs), white (2pcs) and black (2pcs)

Packing List:
Hairband *2pcs

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