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Magic Broom™

Magic Broom™

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Effortlessly maintain cleanliness with our versatile Broom available in various configurations. Here are the key details:

  • Product Category: Broom
  • Material: Stainless Steel/Aluminum Alloy/PP
  • Color Options:
    • [Standard Model] One scraper
    • [High Matching Model] Two scrapers
    • [Flagship Model] Three scrapers
  • Style Options:
    • 35CM Water Hanger Thickened Silicone Model [Enhanced Model]
    • 50CM Water Hanger Silicone Thickened Model [Enhanced Model]
    • 32CM Water Hanger Sponge Model [Short Rod]


  • Standard Model: Wiper + One Strip
  • High Configuration: Wiper + Two Strips
  • Flagship Model: Wiper + Three Strips

Choose the configuration that suits your cleaning needs, whether it's the enhanced silicone model or the sponge model. Our Broom variations provide optimal functionality and flexibility to keep your space clean.

Size Information:

Packing list:
Wiper+1 wiper strip*1/wiper+2 wiper strips*1/wiper+3 wiper strips*1

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