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Uptown GenZ

Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps™

Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps™

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  • Style: Fashion
  • Material: ABS
  • Quantity: 104 pieces / set
  • Keycap: Two-color injection molding process
  • Characteristics: Universal, ergonomic, easy to install, characters light-transmitting
  • Compatibility: General 61 keys / 87 keys / 104 keys / 980k keyboard
  • Design Details:
    • Both sides of the large key feature satellite axes.
    • Distance between the cross axis and the satellite axis is 5cm.
    • The space bar is 6.25U.
  • Compatibility: For mechanical keyboards only
  • Switch Compatibility: Outemu, TTC, Kailh, Cherry MX, etc., all + word structure switches.


  • All pictures are taken with the original camera; slight color differences may occur due to lighting issues.
  • Please allow a 1-2cm measurement deviation due to manual measurement.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Set x Keyboard Keycap
  • 1 * Key Puller

Elevate your keyboard experience with our Fashion Style ABS Keycap Set, designed for ease of use, compatibility, and aesthetic appeal.

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