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Nail Correction Patch™

Nail Correction Patch™

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1. They are all made of high-quality, safe, non-irritating and practical materials
2. It can effectively maintain the health of the toenails and relieve the pain, better care for the nails, keep the toenails healthy, and relieve the pain
3. Correct toenails gently and painlessly
4. The theory of lever mechanism is used to change the growth angle of toenails to provide better nail care.
Suitable for home and professional use
5. Perfectly fit the toenail surface, easy to replace

Change the physical condition of the curved growth of the toenails, change the growth direction of the toenails for a period of time, and then change the condition of the inlay. For long-term use, continue to pull the toenails upwards to achieve the desired effect, so that the toenails no longer grow fleshy

1. Remove the embedded nail sticker from the protective plate, try not to touch the pasted part, so as not to weaken the adhesion and cause the adhesion to be unstable
2. Press the nail sticker to the center of the nail. If the nail sticker is larger than the width of the nail, please use scissors to cut the nail sticker to a suitable size before use
3. Use your fingers to press the two ends of the ingrown nail to make it adhere more firmly

Product information:
Product name: Embedded nail correction rod
Color: yellow
Shelf life: 3 months
Net content: 5
Nail Products Category: Nail Sequins
Specifications: 1, 5, 10
Material: non-woven fabric, PET plastic, oil glue
Weight: 6g, 5 sheets, 30g, 10 sheets, 60g

Size Information:
Size: 10.5x4.5cm

Package Contents:

QTen pieces=1 piece of 10  paste

QTen pieces 2PC=2 pieces of 20  paste

QTen pieces 5PC=5 pieces of 50  paste

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