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Uptown GenZ

Sisal Cat Scratching Ball™

Sisal Cat Scratching Ball™

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  Product Description:

* Furniture protection: Your cat can eas
* Furniture protection: Your cat can easily grind its paws to prevent it from scratching your floor, sofa, cushions and furniture.
* Attract the cat's attention: let your cat play. Bring joy to them, protect your furniture from scratches, and satisfy the cat's natural scratching instinct.
* Easy to install: simple to use. Made of solid wood and hemp rope, it is recyclable, environmentally friendly and wear-resistant.
* Simple, stylish and versatile. The family’s natural wood and modern furniture styles are not understated, they are integrated

Product information:
Material: Wood
Color: V-shaped cat catching ball, L-shaped cat catching ball
Specifications: small, medium, large

Packing list:

Cat catch ball x 1

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