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Whitening Toothpaste™

Whitening Toothpaste™

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1、【Deep Clean Teeth】The v34 color corrector toothpaste penetrates the teeth gaps in the enamel to remove food particles and deep stains embedded in them.
2、【Color Correction】V34 uses color correction technology to whiten teeth, purple in the color circle is a contrasting color of yellow, which can correct yellow teeth and has an excellent effect on teeth white.
3、【Advanced Stain Removal Formula】Teeth Toothpaste contains advanced stain removal formula to remove deep stains, make your teeth whiter, and make your smile more beautiful.
4、【Keep Your Breath Cool】Mint is used for an invigorating menthol flavor that freshens breath. Menthol also has cleaning properties that keep teeth and gums strong.
5、【Small and Portable】The v34 color corrector toothpaste teeth white toothpaste is very small in size, easy to carry, and can be used at home and abroad.

Product Details:

Function: whitening
Specification type: 30ml
Efficacy: cleaning
Color classification: Purple V34
CJJT172377402BY=CJJT172377401AZ + CJBJMRAM00954-Blue

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Package Contents:
Toothpaste X1

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