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Self Adhesive Eye Lashes™

Self Adhesive Eye Lashes™

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Introducing our "Self-Adhesive Eyelashes" 👁️✨: Elevate your look in seconds with our convenient and hassle-free Self-Adhesive Eyelashes. Designed for effortless application and long-lasting wear, these lashes give you the perfect fluttery look without the need for messy glue or complicated application techniques.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Application: Our self-adhesive eyelashes feature a built-in adhesive strip that makes application quick and effortless. Simply peel off the backing, place the lashes along your lash line, and press gently to secure.
  2. Mess-Free: Say goodbye to sticky glue and messy application processes. Our self-adhesive lashes eliminate the need for traditional eyelash glue, keeping your hands clean and your application process mess-free.
  3. Secure Hold: The adhesive strip on our lashes provides a secure hold that keeps your lashes in place all day long, so you can enjoy fluttery lashes without worrying about them coming loose.
  4. Natural Look and Feel: Made from high-quality synthetic fibers, our lashes look and feel just like real lashes, giving you a natural and seamless look that enhances your eyes without looking overdone.
  5. Reusable: Our self-adhesive lashes are reusable, allowing you to enjoy multiple wears from a single pair. Simply remove them gently after use, clean off any residual adhesive, and store them in their original packaging for future use.

Achieve glamorous, fluttery lashes in seconds with our Self-Adhesive Eyelashes. Whether you're getting ready for a special occasion or just want to add a touch of glamour to your everyday look, these lashes make it easy to achieve the perfect fluttery lashes with minimal effort. ✨👁️

How to wear:
1. Carefully remove the lashes from the box and tear them off the backing.
2. Gently remove the lashes and trim them appropriately to fit your eye shape.
Put on the false eyelashes.
3. Remove the false eyelashes properly, leaving them in the groove for repeated use.
(Use a hair dryer to blow hot air for a few seconds to increase tape adhesion)

Packing list:

False Eyelashes*1(pair)

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