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Magnetic Pen™

Magnetic Pen™

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Can be used for writing and touch screen.
Costly material, true electroplating process. Electroplated with salt mist, fine processed durable coat.
Eternal powerful magnetic force with 1,683,000 times of magnetic test using neodymium iron boron as core material.
Joyful & Fun - can be transformed into Compass, Floating spinning Top, a Phone stand.
Portable and has powerful magnetic force to attract even coins.
13 powerful magnets and 12 ball points is all you need to do whatever you want.
Compatible with various pen Cartridge.
Adjustable pen length.

Playful Magnetic Parts: Transforming between pen and other objects.
Floating spinning top
Transform into a compass
Transform into a bracelet
Oersted Test: Playing with magnetic field.

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