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Christmas Tree Fairy Lights™

Christmas Tree Fairy Lights™

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Electrical outlet


  1. App Controlled:

    • Remotely controlled through the application available on the iOS App Store and Android platforms.
  2. Quick Setup:

    • Effortless setup facilitated by Bluetooth pairing, ensuring a quick and seamless process.
  3. Multi-function Settings:

    • The app features four light effects: Energy, Rhythm, Spectrum, and Scroll, allowing customization of sensitivity and color.
    • Control the color-changing fairy tale lamp using your mobile phone to remotely adjust brightness, color, color-changing mode, and music mode.
  4. DIY Decoration:

    • The flexible copper wire is easily bendable into any shape, making it ideal for decorating Christmas trees, gifts, stairs, curtains, canopies, beds, or hanging from the ceiling, especially in a girl's room.

Product Information:

  • Type: LED Light String
  • Model: LED Light String
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • LED Lamp Bead Model: Copper Wire Lamp
  • Number of LED Lamp Beads: 10 (pcs/m)
  • Single Lamp Bead Lumens: 6 lm
  • Beam Angle: 120 degrees
  • Dimming: Yes
  • Effective Life: 30,000 hours
  • Protection Level: Waterproof
  • Color Temperature: USB Bluetooth APP Copper Wire Lamp (K)
  • Series: Colorful
  • Switch Type: Remote Control

Product Information:

  1. Copper Wire:
    • Diameter: 0.42
  2. Spacing:
    • 10cm
  3. Available Lengths:
    • 2 meters with 20 lights (60g), 5 meters with 50 lights (78g), 10 meters with 100 lights (106g), 12 meters with 120 lights (130g), 15 meters with 150 lights (144g), 20 meters with 200 lights (172g)


  • Copper Wire Lamp x1
  • Controller x1
  • Manual x1

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