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Windproof Double Layer Umbrella™

Windproof Double Layer Umbrella™

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Wind Resistant Folding Automatic Umbrella Rain Women Auto Luxury Big Windproof Umbrellas Rain For Men Black Coating 10K Parasol



Open the umbrella under the diameter: 105cm


Open height: 66cm


Collapse length: 33cm


Weight: 425g

Skeleton material: black steel





Keep it in your purse, briefcase, backpack, or luggage.


Umbrella weighs less than a pound and measures just 33cm long.



Compact and super lightweight black travel umbrella for men and women. 




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1.Inverted hexagonal rod, open and collapse the canopy freely


2.The grip handle with human engineering design is much more suitable for people. Quickly open and collapse by pushing a button.


3.Strong umbrella bead is not easy to deformation and take off the line


4.Premium fiberglass ribs could stand strong win 




Steel skeleton:
Strength and toughness perfect unity
Round roll polishing process
Excellence is both beautiful and safe


Quality steel umbrella frame:
High quality steel umbrella frame can be positive against the wind 
Has superior performance beyond the general skeleton.



Teflon coating super water repellent:

The 210T is made of ultra-high-density PTFE material.which is more waterproof than.

The water on the umbrella cloth is as easy to dry on the lotus leaf as dewdrops. achieving high density.




Automatic Switch Demo


Super easy and convenient one-handed operation. Have your hands full? 

Easily opens in one second with the push of a button to protect you from the unexpected rain.





Sophisticated Style:


Umbrellas are styled using our signature colors that include Classic Black、Blue. These timeless colors and premium finishes will compliment every occasion, and are a favorite travel accessory for both men and women.

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It 's time for your umbrella to be upgraded~~

This is an umbrella that allows you to put your hand in one hand
Stylish appearance, super rain, wind. And it's very light.
Suitable for regular in the bag. Help you to withstand sudden rainstorms.

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